The new year is here and we are all very happy to see how the world of wedding flower trends for 2015 is changing right in front of our eyes. Wedding trends are absolutely amazing this year and they will provide each bride with plenty of options to choose from when it comes to her Big Day. If you are planning your wedding too and if you want to learn more about this year’s flower trends, take a look at the following ideas.


  1. Simple bouquets and centerpieces. One of the trends everyone seems to love is simplicity. All-white and one-colored bouquets are a huge hit this year – and honestly, we can understand why. Elegant, classy and extremely stylish, flower arrangements made out of one type of flower are absolutely superb!
  2. Pastel colors. As you would expect it with spring already here, pastel colors are making a comeback on the wedding industry’s “stage” as well. Incorporating creamy pastels into your bouquet and arrangements works perfectly with spring and summer weddings, but it can work just as well with a fall wedding too.
  3. At the other end of the wedding trends spectrum, we see how many wedding designers have chosen opulence for their florals. Blooming bouquets, tall vases and luxurious arrangements are all very trendy this year.
  4. Flower crowns. Once the staple of bohemian brides, flower crowns are more and more popular with other types of brides as well. Ask your florist to create something that fits your dress and your wedding style and you will feel absolutely amazing.
  5. Wild bouquets. For those of you planning on a DIY, rustic, vintage or shabby-chic wedding, wild bouquets are great news. Garden roses, sweet peas and other “wild” flowers will look absolutely gorgeous both incorporated in your bouquet and in your flower arrangements too.
  6. Violet and purple. Dark plum, coral, lavender and butter yellow flowers are expected to be a huge trend this year too. They work with very elegant weddings, but they can be incorporated in less formal weddings as well.
  7. Blue flowers are expected to be very popular as well. However, make sure you choose the right shade of blue for your florals. Aqua, navy and royal blue are among the most appreciated ones – and they look splendid on flowers too!
  8. For many of you, incorporating wool in your bouquets and table centerpieces may sound like an odd idea. But as it appears, 2015 is going to be very fond of the cozy appeal wool creates around wedding florals. This is the perfect way to wrap your winter wedding bouquet, but wool can be incorporated in your wedding in many other ways.
  9. Foliage, branches and vines. Aside from actual flowers, this year designers will be very keen on incorporating foliage, branches and vines into the flower arrangements too. Wild, natural and beautiful, these non-floral elements can complement almost any type of wedding out there.
  10. Edible elements can be very well incorporated into flower arrangements too! From baby apples to raspberries, there’s a large number of fruits that look stunning when paired with the right flowers – and you might want to take inspiration from this idea as well.

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Photo source: jerine