If you are planning to invite kids at your wedding and if you are searching for some awesome wedding favors for kids, you have come to the right place. We have put together some of the cutest and most beautiful wedding favors for kids ideas – so make sure to read on if you need some inspiration.


Mini-caramel apples. Kids love caramel apples and offering them such a sweet treat will definitely put a huge smile on their faces. Give your caramel apples a fun, childish twist by making them as little as possible (you can simply “scoop” out bite-sized pieces of apple) and by adding colored sprinkles to the mix too.

  • Oreo pops. This is another sweet treat that can work wonderfully as wedding favors for kids. Simply push a stick in a double-stuffed Oreo and toss everything through colored sprinkles. If you want to, the sprinkles can be in the same colors as your wedding scheme so that everything matches beautifully.
  • Coloring book kits. You can very easily make your own coloring books (and you can even make them be centered around the idea of wedding, love and marriage). Simply bring together some exciting coloring pages and some crayons and you’ll give the young guests a really fun activity to dwell into during the wedding!
  • Sand toys. If you plan on having a beach wedding, you could use a mini-bucket of sand toys as wedding favors for kids. They will have a lot of fun playing in the sand!

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Photo source: flickr.com/ .Great Grandpa & Grandma T.