Weddings are beautiful no matter who is getting married – but if you are planning a military wedding, you know you have to take special things into consideration. How to do it? How to plan a military wedding that’s simply unforgettable? Here are some tips to help you out:


Each branch of the military has its own traditions, so make sure to check with those that pertain to your military branch.

  • Many of the military couples choose to have their ceremony at a military chapel. If you choose to do this as well, keep in mind that military chapels work just as any other ceremony site and that in most of the cases you will have to make a reservation at least one year ahead of the wedding date. Furthermore, if you decide not to have your wedding at a military chapel, you will have to run it by your installation first.
  • Furthermore, if you want to get married in a military chapel, the chaplain will be the one to officiate the wedding. However, in most of the cases you are allowed to bring in your civilian clergyman too. In case you settle for the first option, you will not have to pay for the officiant’s service – however, making a donation to the chapel is expected of you.
  • Wedding seating arrangements are never easy – but I you are planning a military wedding, you should make sure to seat your guests not only according to their relationships, but also according to their rank (and this includes both the ceremony and the reception seating arrangements).
  • Traditional military attire has to be taken into consideration. The groom has to wear his appropriate military dress attire (which may or may not include a saber, depending on whether or not he is in the service). Brides who are in the military too can wear their traditional wedding gowns or their appropriate military dress attires too.
  • Since this is a military wedding, you can add a special twist to your wedding ceremony exit. Instead of having your guests toss rice or flowers, you can ask other members of the military to create an arch of sabers.

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Photo source: Lisa Brewster