Regardless of whether this is your one-year anniversary or your 25th, you will want this day to be special. Surprising the love of your life with a romantic idea will be absolutely amazing for him/her – so do not hesitate to do it!


If you are running short on romantic anniversary ideas, here are some that may help you out:

  • Cook a delicious candlelit dinner. True, this is an all-time classic but the reason it’s still so popular is because it’s actually romantic. Even if you are not an experienced “chef”, you will still be able to cook something tasty and to create a romantic atmosphere. All you need is genuine willingness to surprise your love and a bit of know-how gathered from books and the Internet.
  • A house full of flowers. Who doesn’t love flowers? Order your wife’s favorite flowers and decorate the entire living room with them. She will most definitely love the idea!
  • Do something silly and childish. Take your spouse out for an ice cream and cotton candy at the amusement park that is closer to you. Have some childish fun and shoot some pictures too.
  • Create a slideshow with your favorite pictures. You can choose pictures from the wedding as well as other pictures too. Bring them together in a nice slideshow and make sure to include your “first dance” song as the soundtrack for your little anniversary movie. He/she will surely be touched!
  • Spoil your special someone. Offer your spouse an entire day of “special treatments”. Bring him/her breakfast in bed, rent a carriage to take you away for dinner at a fancy restaurant, exchange gifts and make this day feel completely different than all the other days of your life as a couple.

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Photo source: Beraldo Leal