Few other things are more commonly associated with romance and with “they lived happily ever after” than the famous Disney movies. From Cinderella to Snow White, almost all Disney movies have something purely romantic in them.


  • This is probably why Disney gets so much associated with weddings as well. If you want a Disney-like wedding and if you want to be the “princess” for a night at least, read on and inspire yourself from the following tips. You’ll definitely love them!
  • Disney cake toppers. There are a lot of Disney couples dear to our hearts – and you can bring them to your wedding right on top of your cake. Pick your favorite couple and get cake toppers that look like them. Make sure you choose a couple that really symbolizes something for your love story!
  • Glass slippers. Cinderella is probably one of the most romantic love stories ever told. Instead of your traditional white shoes, get a pair of glass slippers just like hers. They will look stunning and they will really make you feel like one of the most famous Disney princesses.
  • Get a pumpkin carriage. Yes, you can actually do that! If you want to add this special twist to your wedding, don’t linger anymore on making this decision because it will definitely be worth it. There’s nothing to say “fairytale wedding” more than a Cinderella carriage!

Vintage Carriage Company can provide you with this type of carriage. Because we really want to make brides happy, we have come up with a carriage that actually looks as if it was torn from Disney’s Cinderella. Beautifully created and really gracious, this carriage will make you feel as if you are part of the story – and as if your own love story is no less worthy of becoming just as famous as Cinderella’s. Contact us and learn more about this!