Your Quinceañera is a once in a lifetime event – it marks the transition from girlhood to womanhood, and is probably the biggest party a woman will ever celebrate, other than her wedding day.

So why not be a princess for your Quinceañera, and indulge your childhood fantasies one last time!

The dress

Your Quinceañera dress is a big deal. Usually a long, pink gown; you decide which style and colour you feel best represents your personality. For a princess-themed party, choose a sparkling dress with a long train or a ballgown with a big skirt. Pink is still a popular colour, but why not take inspiration from Disney’s Frozen and choose an icy blue hue instead.

The hair

Princess hair is long hair, no question about it. If you don’t have naturally flowing locks, get some clip in hair extensions for your big day, or attach a hairpiece to the crown of your head for extra volume.

The make up

If you are going for the princess look, only the shimmeriest, glitteriest make up will do. Choose sparkly eye shadow in a metallic colour, and shimmering pink lip gloss for a classic, girly look.

The entrance


How you arrive at your Quinceañera is everything. And for a princess theme, there is no better way to arrive than in a horse drawn carriage. Choose from a range of different styles of carriage, then simply step in, arrange your skirts, and relax.

The entertainment

Dance like a princess with a good DJ or live band. Take a few ballroom dancing classes before the big day, so you really look the part.

The jewelry

Keep it sparkly, diamante and OTT for a princess themed Quinceañera. And whatever you do, don’t forget your tiara.

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