Making mistakes is absolutely human – and obviously, money mistakes make absolutely no exception from this rule. As newlyweds though, you are much more likely to make certain financial mistakes that will affect your future together.


What are some of the most common money mistakes newlyweds make and why avoid them from the very beginning? Read here and find out more.

  • Drowning in the post-wedding debt. Yes, weddings do cost a lot – but it is important that you have a rational, mature approach when it comes to this. Create a budget from the very beginning, stick to it and, if you happen to go overboard, make sure you know how to deal with the consequences too. Pay off your debt as soon as possible and you will be much more stress-free!
  • Not saving money for the rainy days. Things may seem very golden right now (and that’s actually normal!), but you should always be prepared for the rainier days too. Save some money for unexpected emergencies and you will save yourself the trouble of having to borrow money from friends or to use your credit card excessively.
  • Not making a budget. No, budgeting is not done with “I Do” and ignoring it afterwards is one of the worst money mistakes newlyweds make. In fact, that’s just the “training”. Creating a budget every month is crucial if you want to have a good communication with your husband or wife and if you want to make sure your money is well split among all the costs you have to meet.

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Photo source: WalterPro4755