Losing a loved one is always difficult and planning a dignified funeral can be a confusing challenge. You need to consider what your loved one would have wanted as well as what you want for this somber occasion.

One part of the funeral that can make a big impact is the transportation. A horse-drawn hearse is an excellent way to show your respect. It offers a chance to travel in a classic, dignified manner while giving the deceased the honor and appreciation they deserve.

For any horse-drawn funeral, we offer an appropriately dressed driver and horses. You can also choose between our classic 19th century-style hearse and our open undertaker’s carriage. Both offer a timeless style that will give your loved one the transportation they deserve on this difficult day.

Any horse-drawn funeral also offers the chance to adorn the coffin. This can be a flag covering for a fallen soldier or wreaths of flowers for a cherished grandparent or friend. In all cases, we work with you and the funeral director to create the look and feeling you want as you say goodbye to your loved one.

To find out more about having a horse-drawn funeral, give us a call today.