Weddings are among the happiest moments in people’s lives. Therefore, it is more than natural that they want everybody they care about to be there for them when they are “tying the knot”. Even more than that, it is perfectly natural that people want their wedding guests to feel great being there as well.


If you want to include your guests in a special dance, you should definitely do it because this will make them feel special and it will be a great way for you to thank them for having come (a long way) to be there for you. How do you do this though? Here are some tips to consider:

  • If you want something very special, you could create a first dance coreography that includes the groomsmen and the bridesmaids at the end of it as well. Ask your DJ or your band to invite all the other people to dance as well and you will thus be able to include all of your friends and relatives into your most special dance.
  • Think of group dances that are very fun, such as YMCA, Thriller and limbo songs as well. These songs usually get people off their seats and on the dance floor and they really make for great times (and for very fun pictures too!).
  • You could create a special moment for all of your guests as well. For instance, inviting all the couples to dance on a romantic song will most likely get most of the guests off their seats. As for those who did not come with a pair, encourage them to find one for this dance!

Yes, your wedding day will be amazing and your special dances will definitely be part of the magic. But if you want this day to be unforgettable, do take into consideration the option of a horse drawn carriage. Timeless and romantic, such means of transportation will allow you to feel like a true prince and princess living your own fairy tale. Vintage Carriage Company has a beautiful collection of carriages in store for you – so make sure to come and check them out!

Photo source: Duggan