Create a timeline for your wedding day and you will be able to stick to your plans and lower the amount of stress that comes with such an important event too. If you don’t know how to do this exactly, here are some tips to help you create a timeline for your wedding day:


  • While this may depend a lot on a variety of factors, you should generally allow about 30 minutes for each bridesmaid that has to get her hair done and 45 minutes for each maid that has to have her makeup done. Furthermore, allow 2 hours for yourself as the bride and make sure you double the “travel time” if you have to go to a salon instead of calling the makeup artist and hairstylist over.
  • You should be at your ceremony site with about one hour before the wedding begins. Also, the groom and his groomsmen should be there about one and a half hours before the ceremony begins as well.
  • Make sure the ceremony does not last more than 30 minutes. Also, take into consideration the fact that a receiving line will take about 15 minutes for 100 guests and 20 minutes for up to 150 guests. If you have more guests than that, you might want to consider skipping the receiving line.
  • The reception usually lasts for approximately 6 hours and you should not allow more than one hour between it and the ceremony. It will take about 2-3 minutes/shot to take pictures with your family and wedding party so one hour should be more than enough.

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Photo source: colmsurf