Like most of the brides out there, you will want to feel absolutely amazing on your wedding day. Hiring a carriage for your Big Day can be a great choice, especially if you want this day to be special from all points of view. Our pumpkin carriage is a great pick for fall weddings – and even more than that, it is a great pick for a Thanksgiving wedding. Why would you go for it? Here are some of the things that may help you decide:


  • Pumpkins are very much connected to fall and Thanksgiving and our carriage will fit perfectly into the landscape created by this season. Even more than that, a pumpkin carriage reminds of fairy tales – and what other better way to celebrate your love story is there than a tiny bit of a fairy tale come true?
  • Our Cinderella carriage looks delicate and beautiful. The gorgeous design of this carriage is perfectly suitable for such an important day in your life. The white color, the intricate cover and the romantic appeal will make for stunning wedding pictures.
  • All carriages are romantic and they have that vintage appeal that works so well with weddings. However, a pumpkin-shaped carriage will always make for an amazing choice for the most romantic brides out there and for the people who believe that fairy tales and miracles actually happen in real life as well.
  • Imagine our Cinderella carriage parked in front of your wedding venue, waiting for you and your spouse to take off to your honeymoon! Imagine it bringing you to the wedding and making you feel like a true princess!

Come visit Vintage Carriage Company and take a look at our Cinderella/pumpkin carriage. We guarantee it will not turn into a real pumpkin by midnight and we guarantee it will make you feel like real-life royalty!

Photo source:  amboo who?