No matter how much we want it, memories don’t last forever. As the years go by, you will start remembering only the essential things of your past. Sure, you will not forget your wedding day – but there may be details that will start escaping you.
Your wedding album is the failsafe way to make sure you will be able to reminiscence this very beautiful day of your life. However, we are sometimes too stressed out when it comes to taking pictures precisely because we want them to look perfect.
Getting the perfect wedding picture depends on a lot of things and you should try to take them all into consideration. Here are some of the most important ideas to keep in mind:
Choose a good photographer to come with excellent tools for these pictures. Photographers who have specialized particularly in taking wedding photos know exactly what couples want to see in their pictures and they will always try to capture the very best and the most beautiful moments of this day.
• Don’t be afraid to be daring. The perfect wedding picture may not be the one shot in front of the altar or the one shot on your first dance. As a matter of fact, the perfect wedding picture may be anywhere else and you may not even be prepared for it.
• Many couples choose to go for a “trash the dress” photo shooting as well. This can lead to very beautiful pictures that really catch the essence of the two of you as couple that is madly in love.
• Lightning matters. Generally speaking, try to avoid artificial light, as it tends to emphasize on every single flaw you may have.
• Also, if you want to take formal photos at the wedding, make sure that you take them at the beginning, when everyone is still fresh and when your makeup is still pretty.
• Props can really add a lot to a wedding picture. Anything from horses to cars and pigeons can work perfectly, but if you are searching for a spectacular picture, choose a vintage carriage as your prop!
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