While tying the knot is definitely a happy event in one’s life, there are a lot of brides who would take great enjoyment in having a really fun bachelorette party organized for them too. If you are a Maid of Honor and if you want to surprise your friend with a great, fun bachelorette party to celebrate her leaving behind the world of bachelorettes, here are some amazing ideas to inspire you:
• Think of something that is very characteristic of the bride and use it to “tie” the group together. For instance, if everyone knows her by a funny nickname, create T-shirts with a funny message that incorporates that name and wear them when out to party.
• For a more sentimental (and yet still fun) bachelorette idea, create a scrapbook with removable pages. Send each of the guests a page and ask them to decorate them with fun photos of them together with the bride. Also, ask them to write something they think would be fun (maybe a funny memory they have with the bride, for example).
• Ask each of the guests to buy lingerie for the bride and then make her guess what each of the guests has brought her. Also, if you want to pamper the bride a bit and if you know there will be a good handful of guests attending the party, you can always collect money from everyone and buy really luxurious lingerie for the bride (for instance, something from Agent Provocateur).
• Go out for a royal treatment. Make the bride feel like the queen of the city by pampering her and all the bachelorette party guests at the spa. Spend an entire day by the pool, relax, get mani-pedis and indulge in delicious cocktails to prepare the bride for the Big Day.
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Photo source: flickr.com/helylovedesigns