Frequently Asked Questions

1. How early do I need to book?

The earlier the better. 6 to 12 months is advisable especially for dates May through December. We can and do accept bookings as late as 72 hours before the event. Please call for any date, as we may still have your have date available.

2. How long do you rent for?

Our standard rental time is for up to 2 hours. This is use time. It starts when you designate on the reservation sheet/contract the time you want the carriage or horse available for your use. The clock starts at the boarding time stipulated on your reservation sheet/contract. Whether this is the time we start bringing in guests, are needed for pictures or are to pick up bridal party members this is when the two hours starts. Even if the bridal party is delayed our clock starts as per reservation sheet/contract, unless Vintage Carriage is notified twenty-four (24) hours in advance and change is agreed upon and confirmed.

3. What is included in the price?

All costs related to and time for transportation for the horse or horse and carriage to your ceremony site; time necessary to prepare the horse or horse and carriage at the site and the time needed to tear down after your use and return travel from your site; use of the carriage and horse for up to 2 hours; and driver and driver’s helper. Gratuity to the driver and helper are not included, 10 % is suggested

4. Do you charge for mileage?

Our mileage costs as well as bridge and parking costs if any are included in our quoted price. Prices will vary on location of event.

5. What does the driver wear?

For Horse and carriage, the driver is attired in formal wear. Black pants, white tuxedo shirt, tie, vest or cummerbund, black formal coat, tails or driving cape. The driver wears a top hat or bowler. The drivers assistant (the footman) will be attired in black pants with white or burgandy polo and a burgandy company jacket for cool days.
For South Asian weddings all members of the wedding party will be attired in authentic ethinic clothes (kurta pajams and dupatta or salwar kameez).

6. What do I do if it rains?

All the carriages have roofs, which can be put up in the case of rain. The wagonettes do not. Carriage service will not be canceled because of rain; unless on the day of the event, in the best judgment of the driver it is not safe to start service due to the rain, then carriage service will be canceled. Service shortened by renter or passengers due to rain will not be considered canceled by Vintage Carriage Company and its employees/drivers. Rain dates are available as Vintage Carriage’s calendar permits; if a mutually agreeable date can not be arranged you will not be responsible for the balance of the cost for an event cancelled due to rain. Any balance previously paid will be refunded within 10 working days. Minus $100.00 for fuel. The reservation fee is not refundable in case of rain.

7. Do you have a Just Married Sign?

A just married sign is available for use. Please request it when you reserve your carriage.

8. How do I pay?

A non-refundable reservation fee is due at the time of the reservation to hold the date, carriage and time for your event. The balance is due two weeks prior to the event unless other arrangements are made. Payment may be made either by cashier check or money order. If you wish to pay by credit card, please call or email me and I will send you an invoice via SquareUp  or I can take a payment over the phone.

9. How do I know I have a reservation?

If you will supply me with your E-mail address, I will E-mail you when the reservation fee has been received. Your canceled check or credit card receipt is proof of your reservation.

10. How do I cancel and do I get a refund?

If you need to cancel, please let us know ASAP.
Cancellations must be in writing, use of certified mail or of a service such as Fed Ex is advised. Telephone calls will not be accepted as proof of cancellations to protect you the customer as well as Vintage Carriage Company.
The reservation fee, is not refundable. Any additional amount prepaid over reservation fee will be returned.
Cancellations less than thirty (30) days before the event will be billed for any remaining balance.