Since you were a little girl you dreamed of riding up to your groom in a horse drawn carriage..just like the royals do.  So why not make your entire wedding around that theme?  The settings, the royal wedding dress, to the decorations, you can make it feel like a royal wedding.

Royal wedding

Royal weddings are easy to emulate as long as you keep in mind that amazing atmosphere and the setting they have.

  • Send invites that begin with “I am commanded by the Queen to invite you.”
  • Hire a horse drawn carriage as your wedding day transport.
  • Book a reception hall with a balcony and be “presented” to your guests from it.
  • When forming the receiving line, simply bow and curtsey instead of the common hug or hand shake.
  • Why not have a 21 gun salute?  This is true royal flare.


You need not worry too much about the details when you have Vintage Carriage Company by your side because we’ve helped several couples pull off a true “royal wedding.” Therefore, do not hesitate; let Vintage Carriage Company come to your rescue for that special day.