There are some key moments in a wedding every guest will pay attention to. The moment the bride walks down the aisle, the moment the bride and the groom have their first dance and the moment they cut the cake are all equally important.

But once the wedding is done, you will want to make sure you exit the “stage” the same way as you entered it: like a true royalty. Exiting your wedding in a horse-drawn carriage is an amazing option and there are many reasons to settle for it!


  • Down with the cheesy and much too commonly encountered luxury car with the “Just Married” sign written on it! Allow yourself to be creative and unique by using a horse-drawn carriage to exit the wedding, just like the princesses in the fairy tales you read when you were little.
  • Traditionally, what follows after the wedding itself is a honeymoon vacation where the couple has plenty of time to spend together and to show their love to each other. Why not start this vacation a bit earlier and feel relaxed and beautiful from the very moment you exit your wedding?
  • There is absolutely nothing in the world to beat a horse-drawn carriage when it comes to how romantic it can be. Truthfully, not even the most expensive car in the world will ever be able to compete with that! It may be the fact that we associate carriages with romanticism and fairy-tales or it may simply be the fact that you feel like you are in a fairy tale – whatever it is, a horse-drawn carriage is a very romantic way to exit the stage.

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Photo source: mackinac