Whether it means folding individual origami escort cards, painting a few twigs for centerpieces, or┬ápainstakingly hand-crafting a signature scent for each guest as a wedding favor, DIY wedding touches are a big trend. The DIY theme is a way of making a personalized wedding, and feeling like you’ve had a hand in it yourself.


However, DIY is not for everyone, and it certainly isn’t a money saving option. If you aren’t already a craft fiend, the equipment purchases and time might be more than you want to invest. You can still get the DIY style without actually doing it yourself. This can be as simple as asking a crafty friend for help or enlisting a professional decorator.

Of course, whether you do it yourself, or have somebody else do it for you, you’ll want to arrive at your wedding in style. Nothing compares to the feeling of arriving at your wedding in a horse-drawn carriage. To find out more about using a carriage for your Northern California wedding, give us a call today!

Photo: Flickr/Ryan Polei