A DIY wedding can be a very popular idea  – and not without reason, actually. From the fact that they are more budget-friendly to the fact that they allow brides and grooms to truly personalize everything related to their Big Days, there are a lot of things to make you appreciate a beautiful DIY wedding.


If you plan on having a DIY wedding ceremony too, make sure you check out with the following ideas because they will definitely inspire you to create something absolutely unforgettable!

  • Wine bottles as décor for your aisle. Use empty wine bottles to add a romantic touch to your aisle. Decorate them with custom-made labels or with lace and place a candle in each of them. Then, use these “lanterns” to “highlight” your wedding ceremony aisle. Also, the same thing can be done with Mason Jars too (and you can even hang them from the trees marking the aisle if you want to create something truly unique).
  • Create a ribbon backdrop for your ceremony. Use ribbons in your favorite colors (or in your wedding colors, for that matter), tie them together and create a romantic, playful backdrop for your wedding ceremony. With a bit of creativity, this can look extremely stylish and beautiful!
  • Have a giant paper rose/peony instead of a bouquet. This can look really spectacular, especially if you practice your paper rose making skills a bit.
  • Create a “timeline” aisle runner or a flower petal one. Instead of the traditional white or red aisle runner, create one that truly means something for you. A “timeline” aisle runner can include all the special moments in your life as a couple, for example. Even more, you can use your favorite flowers to cover your aisle – and this would be a really romantic idea indeed!

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Photo source: flickr.com / maureen lunn