Wondering what the color of the year 2015 is when it comes to weddings? We have gathered some of the most popular colors for the year that has just started – so if you need some inspiration when it comes to what colors to use for your own Big Day, make sure to read on and find out more!


  • This is a newcomer to the wedding industry “stage”, but it has won everyone’s hearts – and for this reason, many have said that it is the “color of the year 2015”. Delicate and yet bold, in between pastels and bright colors and in between “energy” and “calmness”, this is a wonderful choice you can pair with creamy whites, nudes and many other colors. Even more than that, works great both for wedding décor and for bridesmaids’ dresses too!
  • Lucite green. This color will remind you of the “mint green” that has been so popular over the past couple of years. However, Lucite green reminds more of the deep ocean greens, it is even more calm than its “sibling” and much more transparent too. Again, this color works excellently with a wide range of other colors (from white to classic blue – another popular 2015 color) and with a wide range of wedding themes as well.
  • Tangerine yellow. If you want a wedding that is bold and full of energy, this is the it color to go for this year. Vibrant, positive and youthful, tangerine yellow is indeed a daring choice –so make sure you pair it with a pastel or nude if you want to create a classy, elegant décor.

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Photo source: flickr.com/ SAN_DRINO