Sadly, death is part of our lives and when it takes someone we love away from us, the feeling can be excruciatingly painful. At the same time though, most people will want their family members’ and friends’ funerals to reflect a lifetime of beauty, grace, good deeds and dignity.


The transportation you choose for a funeral can be quite important when it comes to offering your beloved the kind of farewell he/she is truly worthy of. Here are some ideas for a classy winter funeral transportation:

  • A horse-drawn glass sided hearse. This will add elegance to the way your beloved friend or family member is transported. The enclosed casket space in the hearse and its entire design will add dignity to such a difficult moment.
  • An undertakers wagon. If you don’t want the casket to be transported in a closed space, an undertakers’ wagon is a good choice for you. This will leave you with enough space to add the flowers and the funeral flower arrangements on top and on the side of the casket.
  • A motorcycle-drawn hearse. If you want your friend or family member’s funeral to reflect what their life was about, a motorcycle-drawn hearse will be a good option for you. Dignified and non-conformist, this type of funeral transportation is a good option especially for those who lived their lives in a non-traditional way – and would have liked their funeral to be the same.

Here at Vintage Carriage Company, we want to be there for you in these times of challenge. We know the death of a loved one is very difficult and we know just how painful it can be. Our hearses and wagons stand at your disposal for the funeral transportation so please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about them.