Choosing a wedding color is a great way to make sure your wedding will look well-balanced and elegant. However, making this decision is not always as easy as it seems and it can be a true headache for many of the brides out there. How do you do it? How do you choose one or two wedding colors? Here are some tips to help you out:


  • What kind of atmosphere do you want to create? This will give you a broad idea as to what kind of color palettes you should be looking into. Do you want your wedding to look vintage, romantic and graceful? Pastels will be a great option. Do you want to be bold, to make a statement? Choose brighter colors.
  • What is your wedding theme? What about the season? Your wedding theme and your wedding season should help you narrow down the list of options. Certain colors look really great with very specific themes (such as dusty pink and vintage weddings, for example). Also, your wedding season might provide you with some inspiration too (yellow and orange tones for fall weddings, light green and pastels for spring, various shades of blue and tan for summer, white and “icy” colors for winter, etc.).
  • Check out the trends. Although you shouldn’t guide yourself based on the wedding trends only, they can be great sources of inspiration. Wedding trends can help you decide on very particular shades of the colors you want for your wedding and they can give you an idea on how to combine them with other colors too.

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Photo source:  travila87