As your wedding day approaches, you want every piece of the puzzle to fall into its rightful place. From your wedding décor to the food on the table and from your dress to your bridesmaids’ shoes, everything should be in order by now.

How will you get to the wedding though? Will you go with your own car? Will you go with your parents’ car? Will you choose to rent a luxury car or a limo? Or will you hire a horse carriage? Every option has its appeal, of course, but settling for the horse carriage may be the perfect choice for an unforgettable day. How so? Here are some of the reasons that may convince you over the fact that hiring a horse carriage is the very best way to get to your own wedding.


  • It is just like in the fairy-tales you read as a young girl. Good news is that your carriage won’t turn back to a pumpkin by midnight and that your beautiful knight in shining armor is as real as “real” can get. Congratulations for your choice!
  • As a little girl, this is how you probably imagined your wedding day. Of course, the latest Mercedes-Benz or BMW may have popped into your dreams later on as you were growing older, but the horse carriage always stayed there, somewhere in your soul.
  • You may have plenty of other opportunities to go somewhere by a limo or by a luxury car – but this is the only time you are allowed the extravagance of being carried around by an actual horse carriage. Take advantage of it!
  • There’s something unique, romantic and vintage about a carriage that goes absolutely perfectly with weddings.
  • You will feel like true royalties feel – everyone will have their eyes on you and you will feel glamorous, beautiful and happier than ever!

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