Make Your Wedding Stand Apart From Others

If you want to make your wedding stand apart, you will also have to pay attention to all the details that make for a truly unforgettable wedding. How to do this? Vintage Carriage Company has gathered some really great ideas to inspire you when you make your wedding stand apart from all the other weddings out there. Read on and find out more.


  • Pre-ceremony cocktail hour. Who says you have to have the cocktail hour after the ceremony? To make your guests feel welcomed from the very beginning, having a pre-ceremony cocktail hour is essential. Furthermore, if you want to be even more unique than this, don’t forget to think about creating a special signature cocktail too. They will absolutely love it.
  • Don’t wear white. Sure, white is the traditional color for brides – but what if you want to wear a different color? These days, wedding gown designers have come up with fabulous dresses that come in a huge array of colors (including, but not limited to silver, blue and even black!). If you fall in love with one of these gowns, there’s nobody to tell you that you can’t wear it for the Big Day.
  • Rent a carriage. Want to feel like a true princess with her prince? Renting a carriage is a really great idea then. It will truly give you that feeling of “royalty” and “fairy tale” and it will make this day even more special than it already is.

And if you are searching for a beautiful wedding carriage to make your wedding stand apart from others, Vintage Carriage Company is at your disposal. Give us a call, take a look at our carriages and rent the one that suits your style the most. You will feel amazing for doing this!

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Be Cinderella And Prince Charming For A Day


Few love stories are as heart-warming and beautiful as that of Cinderella and Prince Charming. From the magic that allowed the two of them to meet to the quest for a shoe’s owner, everything about this story yells “romance” and “happy-end”.

It’s only natural then that so many brides and grooms wan their very own Cinderella  and Prince Charming story. While you may not be able to put mice at work for your  wedding gown, there are plenty of other things you can do to infuse your wedding  with some of that Disney magic we all love. Here are some of the most beautiful  ones:

  •  Wear a princess gown. Make sure you take your time when choosing the wedding  dress so that you truly feel like a princess on your Big Day. Of course, a ball gown  dress is probably the most “Disney-like” choice you can make. However, if you feel that other designs would suit you better, don’t be afraid to create your very own “Princess Style”.
  • Sprinkle your wedding with “Cinderella” and Disney-inspired décor and moments. Wear a gorgeous pair of shoes and have your bridesmaids wear matching shoes too. Have a giant wedding cake inspired by the Disney movies. Name your tables after your favorite Disney characters.for-for-wp-weddngs_15992013-combined1_tn
  • Have a First Dance torn out of Cinderella. There are literally hundreds of “Disney-esque” things you can bring into your wedding – all you have to do is use your creativity and you’ll definitely pull this off!
  • Rent a carriage. If you want to feel 100% like Cinderella and Prince Charming for your special day, make sure you rent a carriage as well. This will add that “royal” feeling that’s simply impossible to replace with anything else.

If you are searching for your very own “Cinderella” carriage, make sure to contact Vintage Carriage Company. We can provide you with a carriage inspired by the famous story – as well as with other types of carriages too. Come visit our website and take a look at what we can offer! You’ll definitely love the options!

Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

While tying the knot is definitely a happy event in one’s life, there are a lot of brides who would take great enjoyment in having a really fun bachelorette party organized for them too. If you are a Maid of Honor and if you want to surprise your friend with a great, fun bachelorette party to celebrate her leaving behind the world of bachelorettes, here are some amazing ideas to inspire you:
• Think of something that is very characteristic of the bride and use it to “tie” the group together. For instance, if everyone knows her by a funny nickname, create T-shirts with a funny message that incorporates that name and wear them when out to party.
• For a more sentimental (and yet still fun) bachelorette idea, create a scrapbook with removable pages. Send each of the guests a page and ask them to decorate them with fun photos of them together with the bride. Also, ask them to write something they think would be fun (maybe a funny memory they have with the bride, for example).
• Ask each of the guests to buy lingerie for the bride and then make her guess what each of the guests has brought her. Also, if you want to pamper the bride a bit and if you know there will be a good handful of guests attending the party, you can always collect money from everyone and buy really luxurious lingerie for the bride (for instance, something from Agent Provocateur).
• Go out for a royal treatment. Make the bride feel like the queen of the city by pampering her and all the bachelorette party guests at the spa. Spend an entire day by the pool, relax, get mani-pedis and indulge in delicious cocktails to prepare the bride for the Big Day.
Also, don’t forget to stop by Vintage Carriage Company to rent one of our beautiful carriages too! With such an “accessory”, your bachelorette party is surely bound to turn out absolutely unforgettable for everyone!
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Romantic Valentine Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic celebration of the year and every couple out there will want to make this day truly special. Of course, every single second spent with your loved one is to be treasured forever, but if you want your next Valentine’s Day to be magic, make sure you read on. We have collected some really romantic Valentine’s Day ideas to inspire you!


  • If you are brave enough, take your special someone out for a night of Karaoke. To surprise him/her and to show just how much you love him/her, get on stage and dedicate him/her a romantic song. Even if you don’t have a great voice, he/she will definitely love your idea.
  • Cook a romantic dinner for him/her. Your romantic Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, sometimes, small gestures can be extremely romantic too. Surprise your loved one with a delicious, romantic meal cooked by you and he/she will surely appreciate it. Don’t forget about the candles and about the music because they will contribute a lot to creating a beautiful atmosphere!
  • Treat your love like a King/Queen. Start the day with a royal breakfast in bed. If you know your love enjoys a particular type of breakfast, make sure he/she has it for Valentine’s. Create small surprising moments for the rest of the day too: a surprise lunch, a small gift sent at the office if he/she is at work, romantic text messages, and so on.

If you want to make him/her feel like true royalty, don’t forget to rent a carriage for the evening too! Here at Vintage Carriage Company, we can help you with a really beautiful collection of carriages meant to suit any kind of occasion – including a romantic Valentine’s Day too. Rent one of our beauties and make this day amazingly special for you and your love!

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Best Dressed Brides Of 2014!

Every bride is beautiful in her own way – but the truth is that we will always have a special kind of fascination towards celebrity brides. 2014 has been a full year in terms of weddings, so if you need inspiration for your own Big Day, don’t hesitate to take a look at some of the best dressed brides of the year that has just ended. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Angelina Jolie. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been together for many years now and they have 6 children together (both adopted and their own children). They chose to have a very intimate wedding, far from the eyes of the paparazzi – but even so, pictures of Jolie’s wedding gown really conquered our hearts. Simple, elegant and absolutely magnificent, Jolie’s gown was complemented by a wedding veil decorated by her children. Adorable!
  • The Simpson sisters. Both Ashlee and Jessica Simpson tied the knot in 2014 and both of them looked stunning too. Ashlee chose to wear a lacy gown with a very feminine, delicate design – and we must say that it really complemented her small frame. As for her older sister, Jessica, her glamorous gown was simply astonishing!
  • Kim Kardashian. We couldn’t have ended our list without including famous Kim Kardashian. If Brad and Angelina chose to get married in secret, Kim and Kanye made a huge show out of it. The bride wore two dresses (both of which were gorgeous) and the wedding was a true spectacle of light, beauty, glam and opulence.


If you want to feel like a celebrity (or even better, like royalty) on your own Big Day, don’t hesitate to contact Vintage Carriage Company. From elegant carriages to “pumpkin” (Cinderella-like) models, we have something for every type of bride in Northern California!


5 Things You Should Not Do After Your Engagement

We all know what a big moment being proposed to is. We also know that the moment you say “Yes” is also the first moment of your wedding planning process as well. However excited (or stressed out) you might be about the approaching Big Day and however amazing you want your wedding to turn out, there are certain things you should definitely not do right away. What are the 5 most important things not to do after the engagement? Read on and find out more.


  1. Don’t move. Not right after the engagement and not anytime between the engagement and the wedding. Moving and getting married are considered to be two of the most stressful events in people’s lives – so you definitely don’t want them to “explode” both at the same time.
  2. Don’t get a dog (and don’t do anything that might change your usual schedule in any way). You really want to make sure you allow some spare time for the wedding planning. Making a big change in your life (such as getting a puppy for example) would be the exact opposite of “saving your time”.
  3. Speaking of savings, don’t over-spend. It might be tempted to get away with your fiancé and travel to Paris, but the truth is that saving the money would be a much safer bet. Your wedding will be very expensive as it is, even without spending on a lot of other things.
  4. Don’t rush into buying the very first wedding gown that comes your way. Shop around, try on as many gowns as possible and decide on that which truly suits your style. Even more, once you have bought a dress, stop shopping for wedding gowns because it will only give you second thoughts. Of course, if you want to wear two or more dresses, you are more than free to continue your shopping. But if you don’t plan on doing this, stop once you have found “the one”.
  5. Don’t postpone thinking of the smaller things. You might not have booked your venue yet and you probably have no idea what food you will serve at the wedding, but you can still work on the small things. For instance, you could try making a playlist for your DJ or you could try and think of wedding favors too.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the option of hiring a carriage for your Big Day! Here at Vintage Carriage Company, we can provide you with a splendid variety of carriages to make you feel like a true princess!