Vintage Carriage Company prides itself with having been part of some amazingly beautiful and happy moments in its clients’ lives: weddings, quinceaneras and many other special events as well. We love it when our clients are happy with what we have provided and, most of all, we love it that we can make fairy tales seem much more attainable through our carriages.



If you are planning on a wedding or a quineceanera and if you are considering the option of hiring a carriage to get you to or from the location of your event, we can definitely help you out! We have some superb designs in store for you and they are all waiting to be part of your big day!

  • The Cinderella carriage will actually make you feel like you are from a fairy tale! However, it will not let you down by turning back into a pumpkin at midnight!
  • Vis-à-vis carriages are great for couples who want to feel like royalty. You can choose your own upholstery and we will make sure your carriage will be there for your important event.
  • The Victoria carriage is a very elegant and classy choice inspired by the Victorian era. You can have its top covering you for a rainier day or down to allow you to soak up the sun.
  • The Wagonette carriage is a great choice if you want your maid of honor, best man and other important guests to arrive at the wedding together with you. This type of carriage will also come with a removable top, so that you can protect yourself from rain or from too much sun.
  • Santa’s Sleigh is an amazing option for those of you who are planning a winter wedding. Also, if you want to throw a big party for Christmas, you will always be welcomed to give us a call and rent this sleigh!

Visit Vintage Carriage Company to take a look at the wonderful carriage we offer! One of them will surely steal your heart away!

Photo source: Vintage Carriage Company