Vis-a-Vis Carriage

The limousine of the 1880′s the Vis-a-Vis is an easy entry low slung carriage seating the passengers face to face (vis-a-vis).

A coachman driven carriage the Vis-a-Vis can accommodate four to six passengers with the driver (coachman) and groom/footman (drivers assistant). We have carriages in three colors, white, dark green and blue, for your pleasure.


Our white Vis-a-Vis comes with your choice of upholstery – Kelly Green or Ruby Red.
The carriage with Ruby Red velvet upholstery has natural wood fenders and wheels which sparkle in the sunlight like gold.
The carriage with the Kelly Green upholstery has white wooden fenders and wheels.
Each carriage has a convertible roof lined to match its upholstery and may be used up or down depending on the weather and your choice.

The Blue Vis-a-Vis is a deep, vibrant Sapphire Blue. The convertible roof is lined and it’s seats are upholstered in silver gray velvet. The addition of doors gives this carriage a more formal look.

Our final Vis-a-Vis is a  dark Green so deep it appears in some lights to be black. Seats upholstered in a rich Emerald green with matching roof liner make this is a very formal carriage.

White Vis-a-Vis red interior a country wedding


White Vis-a-Vis with green interior

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Blue Vis-a-Vis at Dunsmuir Hellman-Estate, Oakland CA


Dark green Vis-a-Vis at the Crocker Museum Sacramento


White Vis-a-Vis ruby red interior, Oakland CA


Blue Vis-a-Vis

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Dark green Vis-a-Vis, Auburn CA

Dark green Vis-a-Vis, Auburn CA

White Vis-a-Vis green interior with brides maids

white vis-a-vis green interior (4)_tn

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“I just wanted to share some pictures and let you know how happy I am with the results of the carriage. It was beautiful!  All my guest love it and i received a lot of compliments. Thanks you so much 😊

Vanessa Acosta

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