Since weddings can be very expensive, a lot of you may be interested in learning budget tips that will help you create and plan the wedding you have always dreamed of without leaving a hole in your budget as newlyweds either. What are some of the very best budget tips from real couples? Read on and inspire yourself:


  • Don’t rush. Although most couples get married approximately one year after their engagement, the truth is that there’s no “rule book” to tell you that you absolutely have to do so. Leaving more time between the engagement and the wedding will allow you to plan everything more carefully, it will allow you to keep the stress levels lower and it will also allow you to save more money.
  • You can’t be perfect and you can’t please absolutely everyone. Sure, you can try and that’s perfectly fine. However, remember that many times, trying to be “too perfect” comes with a harsh price: a lot of stress and, most likely, spending a lot of money trying to please everyone. Accept that your wedding may have its little flaws and you will save yourself the trouble and the money that come with the so-called “perfect weddings”. Be flexible, stop focusing on the most minute details (e.g. the napkins on the tables) and take everything with a smile on your face – it will help sticking to your budget too.
  • Buy wedding décor that will look good in your house. The last thing you want is to spend thousands of dollars for décor objects you will only be using once. When creating the décor, imagine how it will look in your home first. Even more, don’t leave out the option of selling your wedding décor once the Big Day is over.

Last, but definitely not least, decide with your future husband or wife on the things you can “skimp” on and on the things you can “splurge” on. And if you decide that you have always wanted a special “ride” for your wedding, don’t hesitate to contact Vintage Carriage Company! Our marvelous carriages will make the day even more special for you!

Photo source: Brian Tomlinson