Winter is not even by far the “cold season” everyone thinks it is (not even for those living in the North). In fact, winter is all about inner warmth, beauty and light – and Christmas proves it to us every single year.


The laughter of a little girl receiving her favorite doll, the excitement of a boy playing with his new police car toy, the joy around the Christmas table – these things cannot be compared to anything. And if you are planning for a big Christmas party this year, you are among the fortunate ones who will be able to give and receive joy from your guests.

  • A Santa Sleigh can be a magnificent and fun addition for a Christmas party, regardless of how young or old your guests are. From the little ones to the childish adults, everyone will enjoy such a nice addition and everyone will love it. And if this is not a strong enough reason, here are some others:
  • If there will be kids at the party, they will get the chance to enjoy a “genuine” Santa. Forget about the Santa who simply walks into the room and welcome the REAL Santa who comes in his sleigh to bring happiness for kids and adults alike.
  • Imagine the fun pictures people will shoot with this! Really, you don’t get to sit in a Santa Sleigh every day and you could really make some people have great fun at your party with such an addition.
  • For a spectacular entry, get a Santa Sleigh. Even if you are not the real one, coming to your party this way will be a memorable joke indeed!

Vintage Carriage Company can provide you with the fairy-tale Santa Sleigh you want. Come visit us and find out more about our beautiful sleighs!