Notes from the Carriage Trade

Bring Santa’s Sleigh to Your Holiday Party or Winter Wedding

Winter is not even by far the “cold season” everyone thinks it is (not even for those living in the North). In fact, winter is all about inner warmth, beauty and light – and Christmas proves it to us every single year.


The laughter of a little girl receiving her favorite doll, the excitement of a boy playing with his new police car toy, the joy around the Christmas table – these things cannot be compared to anything. And if you are planning for a big Christmas party this year, you are among the fortunate ones who will be able to give and receive joy from your guests.

  • A Santa Sleigh can be a magnificent and fun addition for a Christmas party, regardless of how young or old your guests are. From the little ones to the childish adults, everyone will enjoy such a nice addition and everyone will love it. And if this is not a strong enough reason, here are some others:
  • If there will be kids at the party, they will get the chance to enjoy a “genuine” Santa. Forget about the Santa who simply walks into the room and welcome the REAL Santa who comes in his sleigh to bring happiness for kids and adults alike.
  • Imagine the fun pictures people will shoot with this! Really, you don’t get to sit in a Santa Sleigh every day and you could really make some people have great fun at your party with such an addition.
  • For a spectacular entry, get a Santa Sleigh. Even if you are not the real one, coming to your party this way will be a memorable joke indeed!

Vintage Carriage Company can provide you with the fairy-tale Santa Sleigh you want. Come visit us and find out more about our beautiful sleighs!

Get a Pumpkin Carriage for your Thanksgiving Wedding

Like most of the brides out there, you will want to feel absolutely amazing on your wedding day. Hiring a carriage for your Big Day can be a great choice, especially if you want this day to be special from all points of view. Our pumpkin carriage is a great pick for fall weddings – and even more than that, it is a great pick for a Thanksgiving wedding. Why would you go for it? Here are some of the things that may help you decide:


  • Pumpkins are very much connected to fall and Thanksgiving and our carriage will fit perfectly into the landscape created by this season. Even more than that, a pumpkin carriage reminds of fairy tales – and what other better way to celebrate your love story is there than a tiny bit of a fairy tale come true?
  • Our Cinderella carriage looks delicate and beautiful. The gorgeous design of this carriage is perfectly suitable for such an important day in your life. The white color, the intricate cover and the romantic appeal will make for stunning wedding pictures.
  • All carriages are romantic and they have that vintage appeal that works so well with weddings. However, a pumpkin-shaped carriage will always make for an amazing choice for the most romantic brides out there and for the people who believe that fairy tales and miracles actually happen in real life as well.
  • Imagine our Cinderella carriage parked in front of your wedding venue, waiting for you and your spouse to take off to your honeymoon! Imagine it bringing you to the wedding and making you feel like a true princess!

Come visit Vintage Carriage Company and take a look at our Cinderella/pumpkin carriage. We guarantee it will not turn into a real pumpkin by midnight and we guarantee it will make you feel like real-life royalty!

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Cozy Up for a Winter Wedding Carriage Ride

Winter weddings always remind us of fairy tales. Beautiful, elegant and festive, these weddings do require some attention to detail when it comes to creating the décor. However, as you will see it as well, everything will be worth it when you will feel like a true princess on your wedding day.


To add even more of that “fairy tale” feeling to your big day, don’t forget about our amazing winter wedding carriages. Arriving at your wedding in a carriage will make you feel unique and it will definitely make for great wedding photos too. And since we want you to be fully comfortable in your ride, we have gathered some tips to help you “cozy up”. Read on and find out more.

  • Even if California is warmer in the winter than other states, don’t forget to get a nice cape or shawl to cover yourself up. Your ride may not be very long, but you will definitely want to avoid feeling cold. A cape will keep you warm and it will perfectly complement your dress too.
  • Decorate your carriage with some flowers and/or ribbons to “warm up” its look. To create a sense of balance, use the same flower arrangements/ribbons as you will use for your wedding venue too.
  • Our carriages can fit into any wedding color theme you may choose. From deep red to beautiful greens, the upholstery of your chosen carriage can match your winter wedding theme.
  • Even more than that, our Santa Sleigh will definitely add a very festive feeling and it will be able to make you feel like the true Queen of this winter!

Come and pay us a visit at Vintage Carriage Company to find out more about our carriages. We will be more than happy to be part of your big day so do not hesitate to contact us!

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5 Ways to Manage Unexpected Guests at Your Wedding

Oh, weddings. There’s so much planning around the big day that sometimes brides feel overwhelmed by the large number of things they have to deal with. And yet, with all the planning and thinking, your wedding is not free of surprises.


It happens very frequently that couples wake up with unexpected guests at their wedding. Even though you will probably do everything in your power to avoid that, it is best to be prepared and to know how to deal with it in case it happens. Here are 5 tips on how to deal with surprise-guests at your wedding:

  • Always take the “worst” case scenario into consideration. Thus, be prepared for at least 10 extra-guests for your big day and book a venue that has a capacity slightly larger than the number of people who have send their RSVPs.
  • Also, keep in mind that you should have some extra plates of food and plenty of drinks to serve the unexpected guests as well. It would be terribly awkward for both of you to notice that you have nothing to serve them with!
  • Some of the guests may arrive early at the ceremony/reception. Make sure you have some cocktails and/or snacks ready so that they don’t get bored.
  • Other guests may be late as well. Most likely, this is not their fault and it will be related to some sort of transportation issue. If that happens, make sure you provide them with a phone number at which they can call once they land on the airport/arrive at the bus station.
  • Keep some of your tables reserved for the late and unexpected guests. You don’t want them to feel odd because they can’t find a seat!

Other than that, enjoy your wedding. Late or unannounced as they may be, your surprise guests are there to be happy for you so make sure you show them all the hospitality you need. And if you want to feel treated as if you were royalty, do not hesitate to contact Vintage Carriage Company. Our stunning wedding carriages are torn straight out of fairy tales indeed!

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