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5 Reasons For The Groom To See His Bride Before The Wedding

Weddings tend to be surrounded in superstition and tradition – and many couples choose to stick with the old-school customs when it comes to their Big Day. However, if you don’t want to do certain things, there’s nobody who should tell you that you are “not allowed” to do it your own way.


For example, not seeing the bride before the wedding ceremony is one of the most popular traditions even today. According to this superstition, seeing the bride will bring bad luck for the couple. Before you decide on anything, you should definitely know that there are a lot of reasons you should not necessarily stick to this custom. Why? Here are some of the things that might make you change your mind:

  • Both you and your husband-to-be will look at your best. Your makeup, your hair and his bow-tie may get slightly ruined throughout the ceremony and throughout the reception, so if you want to shoot some perfect pictures before is the perfect time.
  • Don’t keep your guests waiting and shoot the photos before the ceremony. Many brides choose to have their photo shooting in between the ceremony and the reception. However, if you want to save some time and if you don’t want your guests to wait for you to shoot the photos, you can always choose to allow your groom to see you before walking down the aisle.
  • You can spend some really beautiful moments together. Sure, you may have the rest of your life to do this as well, but this particular moment will be one of those you will always remember.
  • You will feel more relaxed. Everyone understands just how much pressure is put on the shoulders of a bride. Allowing your groom to see you all dressed-up before the ceremony will help you (and him!) shed off some of that nervousness.
  • The moment your groom will see you the first time as a bride will be pure magic! Allow him to see you before the ceremony and your photographer will shoot some really emotional pictures.

And if you want your wedding to be even more magical  than it already is, don’t forget to give Vintage Carriage Company a call as well. From fairy tale-like Cinderella carriages to really elegant carriages, we can provide you with a wide range of means of transportation for your Big Day. Come and book one of our beauties and you’ll feel like real princess!

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Put A Twist On Your Disney Wedding

Few other things are more commonly associated with romance and with “they lived happily ever after” than the famous Disney movies. From Cinderella to Snow White, almost all Disney movies have something purely romantic in them.


  • This is probably why Disney gets so much associated with weddings as well. If you want a Disney-like wedding and if you want to be the “princess” for a night at least, read on and inspire yourself from the following tips. You’ll definitely love them!
  • Disney cake toppers. There are a lot of Disney couples dear to our hearts – and you can bring them to your wedding right on top of your cake. Pick your favorite couple and get cake toppers that look like them. Make sure you choose a couple that really symbolizes something for your love story!
  • Glass slippers. Cinderella is probably one of the most romantic love stories ever told. Instead of your traditional white shoes, get a pair of glass slippers just like hers. They will look stunning and they will really make you feel like one of the most famous Disney princesses.
  • Get a pumpkin carriage. Yes, you can actually do that! If you want to add this special twist to your wedding, don’t linger anymore on making this decision because it will definitely be worth it. There’s nothing to say “fairytale wedding” more than a Cinderella carriage!

Vintage Carriage Company can provide you with this type of carriage. Because we really want to make brides happy, we have come up with a carriage that actually looks as if it was torn from Disney’s Cinderella. Beautifully created and really gracious, this carriage will make you feel as if you are part of the story – and as if your own love story is no less worthy of becoming just as famous as Cinderella’s. Contact us and learn more about this!

Classy Winter Funeral Transportation

Sadly, death is part of our lives and when it takes someone we love away from us, the feeling can be excruciatingly painful. At the same time though, most people will want their family members’ and friends’ funerals to reflect a lifetime of beauty, grace, good deeds and dignity.


The transportation you choose for a funeral can be quite important when it comes to offering your beloved the kind of farewell he/she is truly worthy of. Here are some ideas for a classy winter funeral transportation:

  • A horse-drawn glass sided hearse. This will add elegance to the way your beloved friend or family member is transported. The enclosed casket space in the hearse and its entire design will add dignity to such a difficult moment.
  • An undertakers wagon. If you don’t want the casket to be transported in a closed space, an undertakers’ wagon is a good choice for you. This will leave you with enough space to add the flowers and the funeral flower arrangements on top and on the side of the casket.
  • A motorcycle-drawn hearse. If you want your friend or family member’s funeral to reflect what their life was about, a motorcycle-drawn hearse will be a good option for you. Dignified and non-conformist, this type of funeral transportation is a good option especially for those who lived their lives in a non-traditional way – and would have liked their funeral to be the same.

Here at Vintage Carriage Company, we want to be there for you in these times of challenge. We know the death of a loved one is very difficult and we know just how painful it can be. Our hearses and wagons stand at your disposal for the funeral transportation so please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about them.

Celebrate the New Year Under the Stars

November is slowly fading out and, together with it, we all know that the winter holidays are approaching. If you want your 2015 New Year’s Eve party to be unforgettable, take into consideration celebrating it under the stars.


There are thousands of reasons that make this kind of countdown party amazing and following, we will describe the best ones. Read on and convince yourself to “greet” 2015 under the beautiful “décor” created by the sky.

  • If you will be celebrating this NYE with someone special, attending and outdoor party will feel romantic and beautiful. The weather outside will not even matter as long as you are with someone whose presence you truly enjoy!
  • This kind of party makes for pictures that will always remind you of some of the most beautiful moments in your life.
  • You don’t have to spend the entire party on the outdoors – just choose a venue that will be able to provide its guests with a terrace or with an outdoor space where they can enjoy the magnificence of the beautiful sky. Also, if you want to enjoy the beautiful view while on the inside of the venue as well, pick a place that has glass walls that will allow you to take a look at the starry sky.
  • Celebrating New Year’s Eve outdoors also means that you’ll get the best “seats” for the firework shows. If you live in an area where these are spectacular, you will enjoy them more than ever.

For a magic New Year’s Eve, hire a carriage as well. Vintage Carriage Company has a large variety of carriages available for rental for the NYE party-goers out there. From carriages who can accommodate one or two people to carriages that can accommodate a small group of friends, we have everything you may need so don’t forget to check us out.

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