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Things You Need to Do After You Get Back From Your Honeymoon

What are the most important things you need to do after you get back from your honeymoon? If this is a question that’s bothering you, then you should know that you have come to the right place. We have created a list containing some of the essential things you need to do after you get back from your honeymoon, so make sure to read on and find out more about this.
• Send out the Thank You notes. Nobody will expect you to write Thank You notes from a beach in Bali, but once you get home, you should really take care of this issue. After all, your friends and family came a long way for your wedding and they do deserve your appreciation! Also, if you have guests that couldn’t make it to the wedding, don’t forget to arrange a meeting with them too!
• Sort out the gifts. See what you will keep, where and how you will keep it and see what you would like to return or change as well. This may take a bit of time, but try not to postpone it too much because eventually you may not be able to return some of the gifts you may not want. Furthermore, if you have received money as gifts, make sure to sit down with your spouse and make a plan.
• Change your name. If you have decided to take your spouse’s name, keep in mind that the entire name change process can be quite tiresome and that it does involve a generous amount of paperwork. Thus, make sure to start the process as soon as possible!
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How To Create a Timeline for Your Wedding Day

Create a timeline for your wedding day and you will be able to stick to your plans and lower the amount of stress that comes with such an important event too. If you don’t know how to do this exactly, here are some tips to help you create a timeline for your wedding day:


  • While this may depend a lot on a variety of factors, you should generally allow about 30 minutes for each bridesmaid that has to get her hair done and 45 minutes for each maid that has to have her makeup done. Furthermore, allow 2 hours for yourself as the bride and make sure you double the “travel time” if you have to go to a salon instead of calling the makeup artist and hairstylist over.
  • You should be at your ceremony site with about one hour before the wedding begins. Also, the groom and his groomsmen should be there about one and a half hours before the ceremony begins as well.
  • Make sure the ceremony does not last more than 30 minutes. Also, take into consideration the fact that a receiving line will take about 15 minutes for 100 guests and 20 minutes for up to 150 guests. If you have more guests than that, you might want to consider skipping the receiving line.
  • The reception usually lasts for approximately 6 hours and you should not allow more than one hour between it and the ceremony. It will take about 2-3 minutes/shot to take pictures with your family and wedding party so one hour should be more than enough.

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Be Cinderella And Prince Charming For A Day


Few love stories are as heart-warming and beautiful as that of Cinderella and Prince Charming. From the magic that allowed the two of them to meet to the quest for a shoe’s owner, everything about this story yells “romance” and “happy-end”.

It’s only natural then that so many brides and grooms wan their very own Cinderella  and Prince Charming story. While you may not be able to put mice at work for your  wedding gown, there are plenty of other things you can do to infuse your wedding  with some of that Disney magic we all love. Here are some of the most beautiful  ones:

  •  Wear a princess gown. Make sure you take your time when choosing the wedding  dress so that you truly feel like a princess on your Big Day. Of course, a ball gown  dress is probably the most “Disney-like” choice you can make. However, if you feel that other designs would suit you better, don’t be afraid to create your very own “Princess Style”.
  • Sprinkle your wedding with “Cinderella” and Disney-inspired décor and moments. Wear a gorgeous pair of shoes and have your bridesmaids wear matching shoes too. Have a giant wedding cake inspired by the Disney movies. Name your tables after your favorite Disney characters.for-for-wp-weddngs_15992013-combined1_tn
  • Have a First Dance torn out of Cinderella. There are literally hundreds of “Disney-esque” things you can bring into your wedding – all you have to do is use your creativity and you’ll definitely pull this off!
  • Rent a carriage. If you want to feel 100% like Cinderella and Prince Charming for your special day, make sure you rent a carriage as well. This will add that “royal” feeling that’s simply impossible to replace with anything else.

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Tips for Planning a Military Wedding

Weddings are beautiful no matter who is getting married – but if you are planning a military wedding, you know you have to take special things into consideration. How to do it? How to plan a military wedding that’s simply unforgettable? Here are some tips to help you out:


Each branch of the military has its own traditions, so make sure to check with those that pertain to your military branch.

  • Many of the military couples choose to have their ceremony at a military chapel. If you choose to do this as well, keep in mind that military chapels work just as any other ceremony site and that in most of the cases you will have to make a reservation at least one year ahead of the wedding date. Furthermore, if you decide not to have your wedding at a military chapel, you will have to run it by your installation first.
  • Furthermore, if you want to get married in a military chapel, the chaplain will be the one to officiate the wedding. However, in most of the cases you are allowed to bring in your civilian clergyman too. In case you settle for the first option, you will not have to pay for the officiant’s service – however, making a donation to the chapel is expected of you.
  • Wedding seating arrangements are never easy – but I you are planning a military wedding, you should make sure to seat your guests not only according to their relationships, but also according to their rank (and this includes both the ceremony and the reception seating arrangements).
  • Traditional military attire has to be taken into consideration. The groom has to wear his appropriate military dress attire (which may or may not include a saber, depending on whether or not he is in the service). Brides who are in the military too can wear their traditional wedding gowns or their appropriate military dress attires too.
  • Since this is a military wedding, you can add a special twist to your wedding ceremony exit. Instead of having your guests toss rice or flowers, you can ask other members of the military to create an arch of sabers.

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