Notes from the Carriage Trade

Why Show Off Your Personal Style At Your Wedding

Like all brides in the world, you want your wedding day to be unforgettable – and you should definitely show off your personal style at your wedding too. Why is that and, more importantly, how can you add a bit of your own personality into the Big Day? Read on and find out more.


• Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and you should live it to the fullest. You should make sure that this day is just as much about you as it is about your future spouse and about your love story too. You should make this special day yours by bringing in your style, your personality and your sense of fashion into it. This way, both you and your guests will have the time of your lives.
• There are tons of ways in which you can show off your personal style at your wedding. From the flowers you pick to the cake toppers you buy, everything is quite easy to personalize these days. The hardest part is deciding exactly what are the things you want to “style up” and how to do this exactly.
• It is extremely important that you are creative with this. After all, your own creativity is the best part of your personal style and it will be that one thing that will make your wedding truly original. Think outside of the box and take wedding trends as a source of inspiration – not as absolutely “must-follow” rules of planning a wedding.
A wedding carriage is a wonderful way to show off your personal style at your wedding. And if you are searching for a beautiful carriage you can personalize according to your taste, Vintage Carriage Company is here for you. Come take a look at our carriage rentals and choose your favorite – it will definitely add a lot to your wedding day!
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Make Your Wedding Stand Apart From Others

If you want to make your wedding stand apart, you will also have to pay attention to all the details that make for a truly unforgettable wedding. How to do this? Vintage Carriage Company has gathered some really great ideas to inspire you when you make your wedding stand apart from all the other weddings out there. Read on and find out more.


  • Pre-ceremony cocktail hour. Who says you have to have the cocktail hour after the ceremony? To make your guests feel welcomed from the very beginning, having a pre-ceremony cocktail hour is essential. Furthermore, if you want to be even more unique than this, don’t forget to think about creating a special signature cocktail too. They will absolutely love it.
  • Don’t wear white. Sure, white is the traditional color for brides – but what if you want to wear a different color? These days, wedding gown designers have come up with fabulous dresses that come in a huge array of colors (including, but not limited to silver, blue and even black!). If you fall in love with one of these gowns, there’s nobody to tell you that you can’t wear it for the Big Day.
  • Rent a carriage. Want to feel like a true princess with her prince? Renting a carriage is a really great idea then. It will truly give you that feeling of “royalty” and “fairy tale” and it will make this day even more special than it already is.

And if you are searching for a beautiful wedding carriage to make your wedding stand apart from others, Vintage Carriage Company is at your disposal. Give us a call, take a look at our carriages and rent the one that suits your style the most. You will feel amazing for doing this!

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Budget Tips from Real Couples

Since weddings can be very expensive, a lot of you may be interested in learning budget tips that will help you create and plan the wedding you have always dreamed of without leaving a hole in your budget as newlyweds either. What are some of the very best budget tips from real couples? Read on and inspire yourself:


  • Don’t rush. Although most couples get married approximately one year after their engagement, the truth is that there’s no “rule book” to tell you that you absolutely have to do so. Leaving more time between the engagement and the wedding will allow you to plan everything more carefully, it will allow you to keep the stress levels lower and it will also allow you to save more money.
  • You can’t be perfect and you can’t please absolutely everyone. Sure, you can try and that’s perfectly fine. However, remember that many times, trying to be “too perfect” comes with a harsh price: a lot of stress and, most likely, spending a lot of money trying to please everyone. Accept that your wedding may have its little flaws and you will save yourself the trouble and the money that come with the so-called “perfect weddings”. Be flexible, stop focusing on the most minute details (e.g. the napkins on the tables) and take everything with a smile on your face – it will help sticking to your budget too.
  • Buy wedding décor that will look good in your house. The last thing you want is to spend thousands of dollars for décor objects you will only be using once. When creating the décor, imagine how it will look in your home first. Even more, don’t leave out the option of selling your wedding décor once the Big Day is over.

Last, but definitely not least, decide with your future husband or wife on the things you can “skimp” on and on the things you can “splurge” on. And if you decide that you have always wanted a special “ride” for your wedding, don’t hesitate to contact Vintage Carriage Company! Our marvelous carriages will make the day even more special for you!

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After Tying the Knot, Ride Away in an Elegant Horse Carriage

Many couples choose to have an elegant horse carriage for their Big Day. After all, this is understandable precisely because tying the knot is one of the most important events in someone’s life. Because it marks the beginning of a whole new “era” for couples, most of them will be more than willing to do anything in their power to make this day truly special.


And one amazing way to make your wedding unforgettable is by hiring an elegant horse carriage to take you from the wedding. Why would you do this? Here are some of the most common reasons for which people choose to rent their own carriages for their Big Day:

  • It’s simply glamorous. There’s something timeless, beautiful and absolutely romantic about a horse-drawn carriage. Somewhere in between “royalty” and “fairy tale”, a carriage will give you the feeling that this day is amazingly special.
  • An elegant horse carriage carriage looks stunning in photos. If you want a wedding photo album that’s genuinely remarkable, imagine yourself “riding away into the sunset” with the love of your life, in a horse-drawn carriage. Now, that’s an image you will definitely want to share with your children and grand-children years from now!
  • There’s a very wide range of carriages available for rental. From carriages that are inspired by the romantic Cinderella story to carriages that look elegant and royal, there’s something for every type of wedding and for every type of couple as well. Regardless of what your wedding theme may be, you will surely be able to find a horse-drawn carriage that tells your amazing love story like nothing else!

If you are searching for a stunning carriage in Northern California, do not hesitate to contact Vintage Carriage Company. We hold an impressive and absolutely gorgeous collection of horse-drawn carriages  that will simply amaze you so do not hesitate to come and take a look at them!