Notes from the Carriage Trade

Unique and Fun Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Now, your wedding day is something to remember forever. This once in a lifetime event is really special for you – why not make it fun as well? We have put together some of the best ways to make a wedding amazingly entertaining both for you as the newlyweds and for your guests as well. Read on and find out more!


  • Bring in the best music. Regardless of whether you choose a DJ or a band, you should make sure that your vendor is the best one in a tri-state area at least! Music is the ground foundation of every fun party – why would your wedding make any exception from this?
  • Don’t forget the wedding favors. Bid farewell to boring wedding favors nobody will actually use (really, who sticks your magnet picture on their refrigerator?). Instead, choose something really humorous such as a “hangover first kit” to offer to your guests. The kit can contain sunglasses and an Advil, as well as something to remind your guests of your wedding (such as your initials on the sunglasses for example).
  • Picture, please! Bring in a photo booth and everyone will want to try it. In the age of Facebook and Instagram, we are more than delighted to take photos of ourselves – and a photo booth is a great way to show off our formal wear. Thus, your guests will certainly love your idea!
  • Leave the limo in the parking lot and rent a carriage for your wedding. You will always have the occasion to rent a limo (for your birthday or even for the New Year’s Eve), but arriving in a carriage is not something you do every day. It will definitely make your big day even more special!

Vintage Carriage Company may not be able to help you with music, wedding favors and photo booths, but we do have the most splendid collection of wedding carriages possible! Come take a look at them and we guarantee that they will steal your heart!

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How to Include your Guests in a Special Dance

Weddings are among the happiest moments in people’s lives. Therefore, it is more than natural that they want everybody they care about to be there for them when they are “tying the knot”. Even more than that, it is perfectly natural that people want their wedding guests to feel great being there as well.


If you want to include your guests in a special dance, you should definitely do it because this will make them feel special and it will be a great way for you to thank them for having come (a long way) to be there for you. How do you do this though? Here are some tips to consider:

  • If you want something very special, you could create a first dance coreography that includes the groomsmen and the bridesmaids at the end of it as well. Ask your DJ or your band to invite all the other people to dance as well and you will thus be able to include all of your friends and relatives into your most special dance.
  • Think of group dances that are very fun, such as YMCA, Thriller and limbo songs as well. These songs usually get people off their seats and on the dance floor and they really make for great times (and for very fun pictures too!).
  • You could create a special moment for all of your guests as well. For instance, inviting all the couples to dance on a romantic song will most likely get most of the guests off their seats. As for those who did not come with a pair, encourage them to find one for this dance!

Yes, your wedding day will be amazing and your special dances will definitely be part of the magic. But if you want this day to be unforgettable, do take into consideration the option of a horse drawn carriage. Timeless and romantic, such means of transportation will allow you to feel like a true prince and princess living your own fairy tale. Vintage Carriage Company has a beautiful collection of carriages in store for you – so make sure to come and check them out!

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How to Personalize Your Horse Drawn Carriage

On your wedding day, you will want to feel like real royalty. After all, this is an extremely important day in one’s life and many of you would go a long way (both literally and figuratively) when it comes to making sure this day is really perfect from all points of view.

White Vis-a-Vis green interior


Having a horse drawn carriage to carry you to the ceremony (or from it, for that matter) is an amazing way to make yourself feel really special. Yet, like every bride-to-be and groom-to-be out there, you will want to personalize everything at your wedding – including your carriage. How do you actually do that? Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

Flower arrangements. If you want your carriage to look feminine, beautiful and festive, don’t forget to decorate it with flower arrangements. Bring your own personality into the mix and use flowers that really speak about who you are and about the heart-warming love story between the two of you.

  • The inside of the carriage. Many carriage companies have similar carriages with different colored upholstery which may  allow you to choose a particular color for your carriage. Green, red and black make for the most commonly encountered choices and choosing one of them can really add some personality to your carriage as well.
  • The horses. Your carriage’s horses deserve to be nicely “dressed” for your big day too! The addition of flowers or ribbons to mane or tail can allow them reflect your style.  This is another way in which you can personalize the appearance of your horse drawn carriage and to add some “festive feeling” to it as well.
  • The type of carriage you choose can speak about yourself as well. For instance, a Cinderella carriage will speak about your romanticism, while a large carriage that accommodates more people can speak about what you believe to be important in life.

Here at Vintage Carriage Company, we offer you multiple ways in which you can “splash” your wedding horse drawn carriage with some personality. Come visit us, take a look around and you will definitely be convinced that our carriages are worthy of your big day!

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Our Carriages at Vintage Carriage Company

Vintage Carriage Company prides itself with having been part of some amazingly beautiful and happy moments in its clients’ lives: weddings, quinceaneras and many other special events as well. We love it when our clients are happy with what we have provided and, most of all, we love it that we can make fairy tales seem much more attainable through our carriages.



If you are planning on a wedding or a quineceanera and if you are considering the option of hiring a carriage to get you to or from the location of your event, we can definitely help you out! We have some superb designs in store for you and they are all waiting to be part of your big day!

  • The Cinderella carriage will actually make you feel like you are from a fairy tale! However, it will not let you down by turning back into a pumpkin at midnight!
  • Vis-à-vis carriages are great for couples who want to feel like royalty. You can choose your own upholstery and we will make sure your carriage will be there for your important event.
  • The Victoria carriage is a very elegant and classy choice inspired by the Victorian era. You can have its top covering you for a rainier day or down to allow you to soak up the sun.
  • The Wagonette carriage is a great choice if you want your maid of honor, best man and other important guests to arrive at the wedding together with you. This type of carriage will also come with a removable top, so that you can protect yourself from rain or from too much sun.
  • Santa’s Sleigh is an amazing option for those of you who are planning a winter wedding. Also, if you want to throw a big party for Christmas, you will always be welcomed to give us a call and rent this sleigh!

Visit Vintage Carriage Company to take a look at the wonderful carriage we offer! One of them will surely steal your heart away!

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