Few love stories are as heart-warming and beautiful as that of Cinderella and Prince Charming. From the magic that allowed the two of them to meet to the quest for a shoe’s owner, everything about this story yells “romance” and “happy-end”.

It’s only natural then that so many brides and grooms wan their very own Cinderella  and Prince Charming story. While you may not be able to put mice at work for your  wedding gown, there are plenty of other things you can do to infuse your wedding  with some of that Disney magic we all love. Here are some of the most beautiful  ones:

  •  Wear a princess gown. Make sure you take your time when choosing the wedding  dress so that you truly feel like a princess on your Big Day. Of course, a ball gown  dress is probably the most “Disney-like” choice you can make. However, if you feel that other designs would suit you better, don’t be afraid to create your very own “Princess Style”.
  • Sprinkle your wedding with “Cinderella” and Disney-inspired décor and moments. Wear a gorgeous pair of shoes and have your bridesmaids wear matching shoes too. Have a giant wedding cake inspired by the Disney movies. Name your tables after your favorite Disney characters.for-for-wp-weddngs_15992013-combined1_tn
  • Have a First Dance torn out of Cinderella. There are literally hundreds of “Disney-esque” things you can bring into your wedding – all you have to do is use your creativity and you’ll definitely pull this off!
  • Rent a carriage. If you want to feel 100% like Cinderella and Prince Charming for your special day, make sure you rent a carriage as well. This will add that “royal” feeling that’s simply impossible to replace with anything else.

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