Exit your wedding in a horse-drawn carriage

There are some key moments in a wedding every guest will pay attention to. The moment the bride walks down the aisle, the moment the bride and the groom have their first dance and the moment they cut the cake are all equally important.

But once the wedding is done, you will want to make sure you exit the “stage” the same way as you entered it: like a true royalty. Exiting your wedding in a horse-drawn carriage is an amazing option and there are many reasons to settle for it!


  • Down with the cheesy and much too commonly encountered luxury car with the “Just Married” sign written on it! Allow yourself to be creative and unique by using a horse-drawn carriage to exit the wedding, just like the princesses in the fairy tales you read when you were little.
  • Traditionally, what follows after the wedding itself is a honeymoon vacation where the couple has plenty of time to spend together and to show their love to each other. Why not start this vacation a bit earlier and feel relaxed and beautiful from the very moment you exit your wedding?
  • There is absolutely nothing in the world to beat a horse-drawn carriage when it comes to how romantic it can be. Truthfully, not even the most expensive car in the world will ever be able to compete with that! It may be the fact that we associate carriages with romanticism and fairy-tales or it may simply be the fact that you feel like you are in a fairy tale – whatever it is, a horse-drawn carriage is a very romantic way to exit the stage.

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Why choose a horse carriage over a limo

As your wedding day approaches, you want every piece of the puzzle to fall into its rightful place. From your wedding décor to the food on the table and from your dress to your bridesmaids’ shoes, everything should be in order by now.

How will you get to the wedding though? Will you go with your own car? Will you go with your parents’ car? Will you choose to rent a luxury car or a limo? Or will you hire a horse carriage? Every option has its appeal, of course, but settling for the horse carriage may be the perfect choice for an unforgettable day. How so? Here are some of the reasons that may convince you over the fact that hiring a horse carriage is the very best way to get to your own wedding.


  • It is just like in the fairy-tales you read as a young girl. Good news is that your carriage won’t turn back to a pumpkin by midnight and that your beautiful knight in shining armor is as real as “real” can get. Congratulations for your choice!
  • As a little girl, this is how you probably imagined your wedding day. Of course, the latest Mercedes-Benz or BMW may have popped into your dreams later on as you were growing older, but the horse carriage always stayed there, somewhere in your soul.
  • You may have plenty of other opportunities to go somewhere by a limo or by a luxury car – but this is the only time you are allowed the extravagance of being carried around by an actual horse carriage. Take advantage of it!
  • There’s something unique, romantic and vintage about a carriage that goes absolutely perfectly with weddings.
  • You will feel like true royalties feel – everyone will have their eyes on you and you will feel glamorous, beautiful and happier than ever!

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How to Get the Perfect Wedding Picture

No matter how much we want it, memories don’t last forever. As the years go by, you will start remembering only the essential things of your past. Sure, you will not forget your wedding day – but there may be details that will start escaping you.
Your wedding album is the failsafe way to make sure you will be able to reminiscence this very beautiful day of your life. However, we are sometimes too stressed out when it comes to taking pictures precisely because we want them to look perfect.
Getting the perfect wedding picture depends on a lot of things and you should try to take them all into consideration. Here are some of the most important ideas to keep in mind:
Choose a good photographer to come with excellent tools for these pictures. Photographers who have specialized particularly in taking wedding photos know exactly what couples want to see in their pictures and they will always try to capture the very best and the most beautiful moments of this day.
• Don’t be afraid to be daring. The perfect wedding picture may not be the one shot in front of the altar or the one shot on your first dance. As a matter of fact, the perfect wedding picture may be anywhere else and you may not even be prepared for it.
• Many couples choose to go for a “trash the dress” photo shooting as well. This can lead to very beautiful pictures that really catch the essence of the two of you as couple that is madly in love.
• Lightning matters. Generally speaking, try to avoid artificial light, as it tends to emphasize on every single flaw you may have.
• Also, if you want to take formal photos at the wedding, make sure that you take them at the beginning, when everyone is still fresh and when your makeup is still pretty.
• Props can really add a lot to a wedding picture. Anything from horses to cars and pigeons can work perfectly, but if you are searching for a spectacular picture, choose a vintage carriage as your prop!
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Red Carpet Fashion For Your Wedding

We may not all be celebrities, but we can always inspire ourselves from their outfits – and even more so when it comes to a huge event such as our wedding day. 2014 has been quite rich when it comes to wedding-worthy celebrity fashion and the red carpet can be an amazing source of inspiration for those of you looking to feel famous and stunning for your big day. Which are our favorite looks? Read on and find them out:
86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
• We loved the gorgeous Armani dress Cate Blanchett wore at the 2014 Oscars. Although it may not be your traditional wedding dress, it can definitely inspire you to search (or even custom-order) for something similar. Sheer, delicate and extremely feminine, this dress can really make you feel amazing on this important day – and it definitely worth all the trouble!
• Also present at this year’s Oscars, Maria Menounos showed off in a stunning Johanna Johnson white dress worthy of every bride out there. With a design that loosely hugs the hips, with short sleeves and with a splash of sparkle on it, this is a classy and yet very contemporary dress you will definitely love.
• Angelina Jolie has the amazing talent of always being able to amaze us with the way she looks and this year’s Oscars have yet again showed us just how gorgeous she can be. The silvery Elie Saab dress she wore can be suitable for a non-traditional bride looking to dress in a color different than white. Shimmering and long (including long-sleeved), this dress is perfect for a 20s inspired wedding and it can fit multiple body types, making it perfect for a lot of brides out there.
Choose your dress and allow us to take you to your wedding! We offer vintage carriage services for brides who want to feel truly royal and we do it in high style! Pay us a visit and we’ll show you the fantastic carriages we have in store for your big day!
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2014 Wedding Trends

If you are among those for whom fashion really matters, you will want your wedding to fit into the 2014 trends. Summer is almost over and, soon enough, fall and winter will come in full throttle. Even if it does not necessarily snow, temperatures will still drop and fashion trends will still change – even when it comes to weddings. If you want your 2014 fall/winter wedding to be trendy, you should follow the next tips:


  • Wedding dresses still come in a wide variety, but it seems that the fashion industry now loves ivory whites, dusty pinks and merlot red bouquets or green-white bouquets with wooden accents. Lovely combination that will surely make you look gorgeous!
  • The bridal makeup and hairstyle trends this year are very simple to understand too. Go for full-of-volume hair and for deep red, berry lips and you are about to look just as the models on the fashion show runaways!
  • As for the bridesmaids’ dresses, this year’s going pretty dark. Luscious, deep purples, very dark blue (on the border to black) and even black itself are the colors that dominate the runaways. Furthermore, lace is a much appreciated fabric for these dresses in 2014, so make sure your bridesmaids are up to date with the trends too!
  • The wedding arrangements are a lot about greens and whites, combined with wooden accents and dusty pastels. They look gorgeous together, as green will add freshness and dusty pastels will add that feminine touch that goes so well with weddings!
  • The wedding cakes are fully white this year, but they’ve got something to sparkle too. Metallic accents are all the “fuss” when it comes to bridal cakes and, truth be told, they look absolutely stunning in their simplicity!

And, if there is one thing that never truly gets out of fashion, then that should be wedding carriages. Hire a carriage for your wedding and feel like a princess with your prince! Contact the Vintage Carriage Company because we have a nice selection of carriages that will take you back in time and further into the future on your way to the most important “I Do” in your life!

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