DIY Wedding Ceremony Ideas

A DIY wedding can be a very popular idea  – and not without reason, actually. From the fact that they are more budget-friendly to the fact that they allow brides and grooms to truly personalize everything related to their Big Days, there are a lot of things to make you appreciate a beautiful DIY wedding.


If you plan on having a DIY wedding ceremony too, make sure you check out with the following ideas because they will definitely inspire you to create something absolutely unforgettable!

  • Wine bottles as décor for your aisle. Use empty wine bottles to add a romantic touch to your aisle. Decorate them with custom-made labels or with lace and place a candle in each of them. Then, use these “lanterns” to “highlight” your wedding ceremony aisle. Also, the same thing can be done with Mason Jars too (and you can even hang them from the trees marking the aisle if you want to create something truly unique).
  • Create a ribbon backdrop for your ceremony. Use ribbons in your favorite colors (or in your wedding colors, for that matter), tie them together and create a romantic, playful backdrop for your wedding ceremony. With a bit of creativity, this can look extremely stylish and beautiful!
  • Have a giant paper rose/peony instead of a bouquet. This can look really spectacular, especially if you practice your paper rose making skills a bit.
  • Create a “timeline” aisle runner or a flower petal one. Instead of the traditional white or red aisle runner, create one that truly means something for you. A “timeline” aisle runner can include all the special moments in your life as a couple, for example. Even more, you can use your favorite flowers to cover your aisle – and this would be a really romantic idea indeed!

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Indian Wedding Groom’s Baraat

Having an Indian wedding Groom’s Baraat is a great idea  if you or your family come from North India or Pakistan – and you should definitely stick to tradition precisely because this way you can bring homage to your rich, beautiful heritage. The “Arrival of the Baarat” and the people accompanying the groom is a great moment in an Indian wedding so if you want to make it really special, you might want to take into consideration renting a carriage. Why is this such a great idea? Read on and find out more.


  • Traditionally, the groom arrives on a white mare, but if you want to make everyone accompanying you feel genuinely included, a carriage may be a much better choice. There are a lot of carriages that can transport up to 5-6 people and they can all be decorated to really fit into your Indian wedding theme too.
  • Having a carriage instead of a mare can also be a great idea if you want to blend your family’s tradition with Western traditions as well. Carriages are very frequently associated with fairy-tale and royal weddings and having one for your Groom’s Baraat will provide you with the perfect “blend” between Indian customs and Western/American wedding ideas.
  • Of course, the carriage is extremely important but you should pay attention to the processional music too! Hire musicians and Dhol players who can really make this moment feel extremely special and who know exactly what type of music you will need them to play for your South Asian wedding Groom’s Baraat.

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Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

While tying the knot is definitely a happy event in one’s life, there are a lot of brides who would take great enjoyment in having a really fun bachelorette party organized for them too. If you are a Maid of Honor and if you want to surprise your friend with a great, fun bachelorette party to celebrate her leaving behind the world of bachelorettes, here are some amazing ideas to inspire you:
• Think of something that is very characteristic of the bride and use it to “tie” the group together. For instance, if everyone knows her by a funny nickname, create T-shirts with a funny message that incorporates that name and wear them when out to party.
• For a more sentimental (and yet still fun) bachelorette idea, create a scrapbook with removable pages. Send each of the guests a page and ask them to decorate them with fun photos of them together with the bride. Also, ask them to write something they think would be fun (maybe a funny memory they have with the bride, for example).
• Ask each of the guests to buy lingerie for the bride and then make her guess what each of the guests has brought her. Also, if you want to pamper the bride a bit and if you know there will be a good handful of guests attending the party, you can always collect money from everyone and buy really luxurious lingerie for the bride (for instance, something from Agent Provocateur).
• Go out for a royal treatment. Make the bride feel like the queen of the city by pampering her and all the bachelorette party guests at the spa. Spend an entire day by the pool, relax, get mani-pedis and indulge in delicious cocktails to prepare the bride for the Big Day.
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Romantic Valentine Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic celebration of the year and every couple out there will want to make this day truly special. Of course, every single second spent with your loved one is to be treasured forever, but if you want your next Valentine’s Day to be magic, make sure you read on. We have collected some really romantic Valentine’s Day ideas to inspire you!


  • If you are brave enough, take your special someone out for a night of Karaoke. To surprise him/her and to show just how much you love him/her, get on stage and dedicate him/her a romantic song. Even if you don’t have a great voice, he/she will definitely love your idea.
  • Cook a romantic dinner for him/her. Your romantic Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, sometimes, small gestures can be extremely romantic too. Surprise your loved one with a delicious, romantic meal cooked by you and he/she will surely appreciate it. Don’t forget about the candles and about the music because they will contribute a lot to creating a beautiful atmosphere!
  • Treat your love like a King/Queen. Start the day with a royal breakfast in bed. If you know your love enjoys a particular type of breakfast, make sure he/she has it for Valentine’s. Create small surprising moments for the rest of the day too: a surprise lunch, a small gift sent at the office if he/she is at work, romantic text messages, and so on.

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Best Dressed Brides Of 2014!

Every bride is beautiful in her own way – but the truth is that we will always have a special kind of fascination towards celebrity brides. 2014 has been a full year in terms of weddings, so if you need inspiration for your own Big Day, don’t hesitate to take a look at some of the best dressed brides of the year that has just ended. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Angelina Jolie. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been together for many years now and they have 6 children together (both adopted and their own children). They chose to have a very intimate wedding, far from the eyes of the paparazzi – but even so, pictures of Jolie’s wedding gown really conquered our hearts. Simple, elegant and absolutely magnificent, Jolie’s gown was complemented by a wedding veil decorated by her children. Adorable!
  • The Simpson sisters. Both Ashlee and Jessica Simpson tied the knot in 2014 and both of them looked stunning too. Ashlee chose to wear a lacy gown with a very feminine, delicate design – and we must say that it really complemented her small frame. As for her older sister, Jessica, her glamorous gown was simply astonishing!
  • Kim Kardashian. We couldn’t have ended our list without including famous Kim Kardashian. If Brad and Angelina chose to get married in secret, Kim and Kanye made a huge show out of it. The bride wore two dresses (both of which were gorgeous) and the wedding was a true spectacle of light, beauty, glam and opulence.


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