Arranging your Wedding Day Seating

Your wedding will require a lot of logistic planning, none of which is as challenging as arranging your seating. For both ceremony and reception, your guests will need to have direction on where they should sit.

 horse drawn carriage

For wedding ceremony seating, you can stick to the tradition of having a bride’s side and a groom’s side but if you have many friends in common, this can get confusing, so have an usher on hand to seat these guests in a way that fills out the seats evenly.

Another approach is to allow guests to sit wherever they like. In this case, keep the first row of seating reserved for the wedding party, parents, and other VIPs.

When it comes to reception seating, you have a lot of choices to make. You can allow guests to choose their own seat, but this can lead to some confusion. When you assign seats, you have to decide how to split guests into tables. You can keep people who already know each other together, or use it as a way of encouraging mingling among your guests.

However you choose to arrange the seating during your ceremony, we’ll be sure to get you and your special guests there in the first place. Let us arrange the perfect entrance to your perfect day and hire a horse drawn carriage.  It will knock everyone’s socks off.

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5 Wedding Essentials for Any Theme

Theme weddings are very popular in Northern California. Whether you’re going vintage, rustic, fairytale, or glamor, there are five things you’ll definitely need.


  1. A great dress. Whatever your theme, you gave to look the part. This can mean different things for each style, but having a stand-out dress is always a must.
  2. Excellent food and drink. This is something that your guests are sure to remember. Give them a delicious meal and great drinks. Themed drinks are always a hit, too!
  3. A fantastic venue. Every wedding needs a venue that matches its style. Don’t be afraid to go with someplace unusual if it fits your wedding’s style.
  4. A meaningful ceremony. The ceremony is the biggest moment of any wedding, so take your time planning it. Carefully consider your vows, music, and officiant to get the wedding ceremony that will truly reflect the love you have for each other.
  5. Fabuous transportation. Getting from point A to point B shouldn’t be a chore on your wedding day. You’ll want something that really stands out as you go to your venue, and something that will feel very special as you and your new spouse leave the ceremony. A carriage can work with any theme and will certainly have the wow factor you want.

We can help you check transportation off your list. Get in touch today to find out how you can use a carriage for your Northern California wedding.


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When Should You Book Your Wedding Carriage

If you’re planning a wedding, you know that the best wedding vendors get their schedules filled up fast. To get the best, you need to book early.

When it comes to booking your wedding transportation, you need to act early if you want the fairy tale carriage you’ve been dreaming about. In fact, booking your wedding carriage should be one of the first things you book. Once you have your date and venue, you can book your transportation.


We regularly book six to twelve months in advance, and if you want your first choice of carriage, it’s certainly worth getting in touch right away. While there is always the chance that your date will be available nearer the time, it’s a big risk to run for such an important day. Off-season wedding dates do have less demand, but it’s still always a good idea to book as early as possible.

To find out more about our carriages and book your preferred carriage for your Northern California wedding, give us a call today!


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Your Loved One Deserves the Best Funeral

Losing a loved one is always difficult and planning a dignified funeral can be a confusing challenge. You need to consider what your loved one would have wanted as well as what you want for this somber occasion.

One part of the funeral that can make a big impact is the transportation. A horse-drawn hearse is an excellent way to show your respect. It offers a chance to travel in a classic, dignified manner while giving the deceased the honor and appreciation they deserve.

For any horse-drawn funeral, we offer an appropriately dressed driver and horses. You can also choose between our classic 19th century-style hearse and our open undertaker’s carriage. Both offer a timeless style that will give your loved one the transportation they deserve on this difficult day.

Any horse-drawn funeral also offers the chance to adorn the coffin. This can be a flag covering for a fallen soldier or wreaths of flowers for a cherished grandparent or friend. In all cases, we work with you and the funeral director to create the look and feeling you want as you say goodbye to your loved one.

To find out more about having a horse-drawn funeral, give us a call today.

Should You DIY for Your Wedding?

Whether it means folding individual origami escort cards, painting a few twigs for centerpieces, or painstakingly hand-crafting a signature scent for each guest as a wedding favor, DIY wedding touches are a big trend. The DIY theme is a way of making a personalized wedding, and feeling like you’ve had a hand in it yourself.


However, DIY is not for everyone, and it certainly isn’t a money saving option. If you aren’t already a craft fiend, the equipment purchases and time might be more than you want to invest. You can still get the DIY style without actually doing it yourself. This can be as simple as asking a crafty friend for help or enlisting a professional decorator.

Of course, whether you do it yourself, or have somebody else do it for you, you’ll want to arrive at your wedding in style. Nothing compares to the feeling of arriving at your wedding in a horse-drawn carriage. To find out more about using a carriage for your Northern California wedding, give us a call today!

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