Show up at your wedding as a princess leave as a queen

Ever since we are born, we are told fairytales where the princess finally meets her prince and they live happily ever after. When we grow up, the world wants us to believe that fairytales are just mere stories for bedtime. But, in fact, they are just as real as your flesh and meat.

Fairytales in real life may differ a bit from those in the books you were read when you were little. Your prince may not always come on a white horse to wake you up from a long sleep – but he will definitely wake up in you feelings you never thought you have. He may not save you from an apple stuck in your throat – but he will definitely save you from a life lived without your one true love.


The biggest piece of evidence that fairytales are as real as it gets are none others than weddings. For everyone present, these events are magical and if you want your big day to be torn out of a bedtime story, then you will definitely want to feel like a princess from the very moment your wedding starts and to the moment you leave for your new home as a queen. Here are some things that can help you do this:

  • Choose the most beautiful dress, but do bear in mind that it should be the one suitable for YOU and not necessarily the latest runaway design.
  • Don’t stress out too much – after all, royalties don’t stress out! It may be better to purchase wedding planning services because those people really know what they are doing and they will put every detail together with great care.
  • Last, but definitely not least, hire a carriage because there is really nothing else in the world to make you feel more like a royalty than an actual carriage to get you to the most important event of your life!

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Be a princess for your Quinceañera


Your Quinceañera is a once in a lifetime event – it marks the transition from girlhood to womanhood, and is probably the biggest party a woman will ever celebrate, other than her wedding day.

So why not be a princess for your Quinceañera, and indulge your childhood fantasies one last time!

The dress

Your Quinceañera dress is a big deal. Usually a long, pink gown; you decide which style and colour you feel best represents your personality. For a princess-themed party, choose a sparkling dress with a long train or a ballgown with a big skirt. Pink is still a popular colour, but why not take inspiration from Disney’s Frozen and choose an icy blue hue instead.

The hair

Princess hair is long hair, no question about it. If you don’t have naturally flowing locks, get some clip in hair extensions for your big day, or attach a hairpiece to the crown of your head for extra volume.

The make up

If you are going for the princess look, only the shimmeriest, glitteriest make up will do. Choose sparkly eye shadow in a metallic colour, and shimmering pink lip gloss for a classic, girly look.

The entrance


How you arrive at your Quinceañera is everything. And for a princess theme, there is no better way to arrive than in a horse drawn carriage. Choose from a range of different styles of carriage, then simply step in, arrange your skirts, and relax.

The entertainment

Dance like a princess with a good DJ or live band. Take a few ballroom dancing classes before the big day, so you really look the part.

The jewelry

Keep it sparkly, diamante and OTT for a princess themed Quinceañera. And whatever you do, don’t forget your tiara.

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How to Feel Like Royalty on Your Wedding Day

Since you were a little girl you dreamed of riding up to your groom in a horse drawn carriage..just like the royals do.  So why not make your entire wedding around that theme?  The settings, the royal wedding dress, to the decorations, you can make it feel like a royal wedding.

Royal wedding

Royal weddings are easy to emulate as long as you keep in mind that amazing atmosphere and the setting they have.

  • Send invites that begin with “I am commanded by the Queen to invite you.”
  • Hire a horse drawn carriage as your wedding day transport.
  • Book a reception hall with a balcony and be “presented” to your guests from it.
  • When forming the receiving line, simply bow and curtsey instead of the common hug or hand shake.
  • Why not have a 21 gun salute?  This is true royal flare.


You need not worry too much about the details when you have Vintage Carriage Company by your side because we’ve helped several couples pull off a true “royal wedding.” Therefore, do not hesitate; let Vintage Carriage Company come to your rescue for that special day.

Indian Wedding Baraat Services

Last week on our blog we talked about having a royal Baraat wedding so we thought it fitting to keep that topic going.  What are the Hindu wedding traditions and what is a Baraat?  According to tradition, an Indian Hindu wedding is not only the merging of a man and woman but two families.

photo credit: flickr/Brian

photo credit: flickr/Brian

Weddings in the Hindu tradition is a binding contract made for life so they spare no detail when it comes to planning such an event.  The wedding consists of several parties thrown over the period of two or three days.  On the first night, a priest will often perform the ganesh pooja, a ceremony that usually happens at home with only the couple, the bridal party, and close relatives in attendance.

One of our favorite parts of an Indian Hindu wedding is the Baraat.  The Baraat is a large gathering of family and friends and starts with the arrival of the soon to be groom on a decorative horse.  He arrives the wedding venue arrayed in bright colors along with a large group of people called the “Baraatis” dancing behind him.  We love being a part of traditional Indian Hindu weddings and our horses adorned in the traditional garb look amazing.

We would love to be a part of your Indian Hindu wedding and have been privileged to provide the horses in many.  If you’re looking for horses in Northern California  for your wedding then we’re the place to call.


Have a Royal Entrance on Your Baraat Horse


It’s getting late and the groom has not arrived at his wedding yet. The bride’s parents are getting upset and the groom’s parents have no idea why he’s not answering the phone. As the bride’s father is about to lose his patience, the groom arrives on a royal horse with his friends dancing to the Punjabi tunes.

If that’s not a great way to make an entry, then I don’t know what is. Desi weddings are becoming popular around other parts of the world than South Asia. They bring a charm that is only reminiscent to the South Asian way of life. If you are getting married soon, you should seriously consider hiring a horse for your baraat.

Striking Impression

To be honest, in our wedding traditions, the groom waits for the bride while she walks down the aisle with her father or guardian. In this case, having a horse carriage becomes redundant doesn’t it? But what we can do is hire one to leave the wedding hall in style, or arrive at the reception like no one ever has. It’s a great idea when you consider you’re sharing a royal horse carriage life with your now wedded partner just like it used to be in the 1800s!

Trained and Tamed

Services that provide horses and carriages have very well trained horses. In other words, they won’t get frightened from all the dancing and music, and the crowd watching them with glee. Horses are even available to ride solo rather than carrying a carriage. They can be prepared to match the suit, sherwani, and other traditional groom dresses. Imagine your procession towards the wedding hall while your other half’s eyes are transfixed on you. That’s a moment you would want to repeat again and again. All in all, riding a horse to your wedding just doesn’t sound cool, it looks cool as well!