Your wedding will require a lot of logistic planning, none of which is as challenging as arranging your seating. For both ceremony and reception, your guests will need to have direction on where they should sit.

 horse drawn carriage

For wedding ceremony seating, you can stick to the tradition of having a bride’s side and a groom’s side but if you have many friends in common, this can get confusing, so have an usher on hand to seat these guests in a way that fills out the seats evenly.

Another approach is to allow guests to sit wherever they like. In this case, keep the first row of seating reserved for the wedding party, parents, and other VIPs.

When it comes to reception seating, you have a lot of choices to make. You can allow guests to choose their own seat, but this can lead to some confusion. When you assign seats, you have to decide how to split guests into tables. You can keep people who already know each other together, or use it as a way of encouraging mingling among your guests.

However you choose to arrange the seating during your ceremony, we’ll be sure to get you and your special guests there in the first place. Let us arrange the perfect entrance to your perfect day and hire a horse drawn carriage.  It will knock everyone’s socks off.

Photo: Flickr/Jack Zhang