2015 wedding photo trends include a wide variety of options you can choose from. If you want your wedding photo album to turn out perfect, make sure to talk to your photographer about the photo styles you want to include in it. And if you are searching for some ideas and trends to incorporate in your wedding photo album, make sure to read on and inspire yourself!


  • 2015 wedding photo trends make no exception from the last year’s trends and they include photos for every single part of your wedding: from the “getting ready” part to the moment you bid farewell to your guests.
  • For the getting ready photo, take into consideration including a photo that shows your garter. It doesn’t have to be an actually boudoir photo if you don’t feel comfortable with it. For instance, you could ask your photographer to shoot a photo of the shoes, bouquet and garter together.
  • Don’t forget about the wedding gown portrait too! This year, designers have flooded the catwalks with off-the-shoulder designs – but even if you settle for a different type of dress, you should still include its portrait in your album.
  • 2015 appears to be all about “action” even when it comes to wedding photography and videography. Many professionals in this field have started using drones to shoot very artistic, aerial photos for their couples. Also, if you are thinking of a wedding video too, a GoPro camera would help your videographer create something that truly captures the essence of your Big Day.

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Photo source: flickr.com/ Katsunojiri