If you are among those for whom fashion really matters, you will want your wedding to fit into the 2014 trends. Summer is almost over and, soon enough, fall and winter will come in full throttle. Even if it does not necessarily snow, temperatures will still drop and fashion trends will still change – even when it comes to weddings. If you want your 2014 fall/winter wedding to be trendy, you should follow the next tips:


  • Wedding dresses still come in a wide variety, but it seems that the fashion industry now loves ivory whites, dusty pinks and merlot red bouquets or green-white bouquets with wooden accents. Lovely combination that will surely make you look gorgeous!
  • The bridal makeup and hairstyle trends this year are very simple to understand too. Go for full-of-volume hair and for deep red, berry lips and you are about to look just as the models on the fashion show runaways!
  • As for the bridesmaids’ dresses, this year’s going pretty dark. Luscious, deep purples, very dark blue (on the border to black) and even black itself are the colors that dominate the runaways. Furthermore, lace is a much appreciated fabric for these dresses in 2014, so make sure your bridesmaids are up to date with the trends too!
  • The wedding arrangements are a lot about greens and whites, combined with wooden accents and dusty pastels. They look gorgeous together, as green will add freshness and dusty pastels will add that feminine touch that goes so well with weddings!
  • The wedding cakes are fully white this year, but they’ve got something to sparkle too. Metallic accents are all the “fuss” when it comes to bridal cakes and, truth be told, they look absolutely stunning in their simplicity!

And, if there is one thing that never truly gets out of fashion, then that should be wedding carriages. Hire a carriage for your wedding and feel like a princess with your prince! Contact the Vintage Carriage Company because we have a nice selection of carriages that will take you back in time and further into the future on your way to the most important “I Do” in your life!

Photo source: theweddingsource.com